The Children of Abraham the Sons of Elohim part 2

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

112214 sp by Rabbi Paul Falk.   There is way to much to try and pack into this idea of circumcision and the connection to the covenant. Last time we really connected it in regard to the Gentiles and the movement of the Gentiles and that James makes this point, well “Did not Yahweh call the Gentiles first is that not what He did when he called Abram?” and we talked about the idea of opening the heart, and that’s really and idea of an act of repentance, it says rend the heart, not your garments, and  that the circumcision of the heart was most important.  The same word circumcised refers to the fruit trees in Leviticus, when you put a plant the fruit trees.    Yeshua makes of difference between a tree and a vine.  (continued in audio).