Every service features a special message on selected topics. Sometimes these messages focus on an upcoming holy day, a special insight into the Scriptures, or a pressing topic regarding current events.

Each week, and on the holy days, the messages are posted here online. Enjoy!

Works 3 – Being Born Again

Posted Aug 14, 2016

Works3-500R. Paul Falk takes “Works” to a whole new level, from Genesis to Revelation showing the correlations between the toil of man to get food from the ground, the Word sown in the heart, and the groaning of all creation as it relates to childbirth, death and rebirth through transformation. Very rich, fast-moving, and as deep as it gets!


Works 2 (Mattot-Masei) Purification by Fire and Water

Posted Aug 7, 2016

Works2-500Continuing the Works series, R. Paul Falk connects the Torah portion’s commands about purification by fire and water to New Testament references by John, Yeshua, Paul and Peter, especially regarding the true meaning of being “born again” and references to how YHVH is working in us, and through our works.


Jude 2 – Enemies of the Faith

Posted Aug 7, 2016

Jude2-500R. Dennis Richards continues to expound on the unusual book of Jude linking the works of deceivers in our congregations with the angelic forces behind them. He connects to some interesting passages about Lucifer, the fallen angels and the real reasons that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

Works 1

Posted Jul 31, 2016

GIvingtothePoor-500R. Paul Falk examines the topic of “works” in the Scriptures, from common misconceptions to the correct meaning of passages like “work out your salvation” and what we will be judged upon according to Yeshua. A groundbreaking teaching which redefines “works” and being “saved by grace.”


Jude – Contending for the Faith

Posted Jul 24, 2016

Jude-500R. Dennis Richards investigates the unusual book of Jude revealing that this is a very relevant letter to us in the end times about contending for our faith in the midst of increased evils surrounding us.


Chukkat – The Poison of the Serpent

Posted Jul 17, 2016

SnakeSerpentTongue-500In this very rich teaching about the serpents among the people, R. Paul Falk reveals some amazing connections between the serpent, the tongue, and the poison of deception that is misleading many people into idolatry today.


WHO Is Holy?

Posted Jul 12, 2016

BuddingAlmondBranch-500R. Paul Falk links Aaron’s rod budding in Numbers 17 with Yeshua’s lessons about being fruitful branches in “the Vine,” as he also outlines the qualities in the tribe of Levi that contributed to Yahweh choosing them to lead and govern His people.


The Trinity

Posted Jul 4, 2016

3-Leaf-Clover-500R. Dennis Richards challenges us to explore the Scriptures for the truth on the doctrine of the Trinity with an open mind toward exactly what Yeshua Himself was saying on the topic.


Nasso – Binding the Strong Man 4

Posted Jun 19, 2016

LionatDoorCLOSER-400With this Torah portion that features the Nazarite vow, R. Paul Falk builds on the Strong Man series with insightful tie-ins to the story of Samson and shows how we can guard against being bound by the enemy.


Binding the Strong Man 3

Posted Jun 13, 2016

LionatDoorCLOSER-400R. Paul Falk continues this insightful series revealing the purpose of the enemy and what he is after in our lives, especially relating to what he wants to steal from the house of the strong man in Matthew 12 and Luke 11. He also reveals WHY the enemy wants to steal this, and how it affects us when he does. He concludes with an amazing tie-in to the Passover lamb and the first few verses of Genesis 1!