Every service features a special message on selected topics. Sometimes these messages focus on an upcoming holy day, a special insight into the Scriptures, or a pressing topic regarding current events.

Each week, and on the holy days, the messages are posted here online. Enjoy!

Is Yahweh the Father Also Yeshua the Son?

Posted May 22, 2016

YHVH+YahshuaNames-500Is the Messiah actually the Father? Is Yeshua actually Yahweh in the flesh?   R. Dennis Richards answers these questions by looking at numerous passages in the Scriptures, from the Torah to the last chapter of The Revelation.


Binding the Strong Man

Posted May 15, 2016

R. Paul Falk expounds on Matthew 12:29 about “binding the strong man” and explains the ways of demonic forces and how the enemy enters our lives as sin. He also explains how we are to guard against it and how YHVH defeats the enemy on our behalf. A foundational teaching on guarding against sin and protecting our righteousness, our peace, and our entire faith.

Acharei Mot – Yeast of the Pharisees

Posted May 11, 2016

Yeast-500R. Paul Falk shines a bright light on the dark motives of the Pharisees which Yeshua warns against as their “yeast.” As His disciples today, we must be very careful of this spreading agent that causes puffing up.


Religious Clichés

Posted May 6, 2016

Doors-500R. Dennis Richards takes aim at religious clichés that have been used so much, we have lost the original meanings. He uses Psalm 150 as example of how our modern translations have obliterated the actual Name of YHVH and have nullified the original Hebrew meaning of what is now a common cliché.


Beware of Leavening

Posted May 6, 2016

LeavenedBread-500R. Dennis Richards examines Yeshua’s warnings to beware of leavening in several examples that give great insight to what it means for us in the world around us. In one example, Yeshua identified it as hypocrisy, but what about the “leaven of Herod” in Mark 8:15?

The Infected House

Posted Apr 24, 2016

JerusalemStoneWall-500R. Paul Falk reveals an amazing correlation between the leprous house of Leviticus 14 and how it pertains to us in our faith today. He even links specific passages that point directly to the historical House of YHVH (the Temple), with a prophecy about the Wall in Jerusalem, spoken by Yeshua, that has yet to occur!


The Key to All Parables

Posted Apr 17, 2016

ParablesKey-500R. Dennis Richards identifies a certain parable that Yeshua stated was the key to understanding all the rest of the parables. Without this key, understanding the true meaning of everything Yeshua taught is completely lost on the hearers of the Word today.

Let There Be Light 6

Posted Apr 10, 2016

LightWorldEarth-500R. Paul Falk continues the “…Light” series focusing on the phrase in Matthew 5:14-16 about “giving light to all in the house” and provides excellent insight on what it really means to be “fishers of men” today.



Exodus – Keys for Today

Posted Apr 4, 2016

TorahKeys-500R. Dennis Richards gives examples of how mysteries in the book Exodus holds the keys to understanding our faith today, including the Passover lamb, the meaning of the burning bush, insight about the next president of America, and what Yeshua meant by “Follow Me.”

Shemini – Let There Be Light 5

Posted Apr 4, 2016

LightWorldEarth-500R. Paul Falk shows how the Torah portion regarding clean and unclean meats relates to Peter’s vision on the roof regarding how we are to show the light of Torah to the people of the nations.