Every service features a special message on selected topics. Sometimes these messages focus on an upcoming holy day, a special insight into the Scriptures, or a pressing topic regarding current events.

Each week, and on the holy days, the messages are posted here online. Enjoy!

The Spiritual World of the Dead – Part 2

Posted Jul 16, 2017

R. Dennis Richards continues the series on the afterlife, examining each name of the places in the Bible that we apparently go to after the death of our bodies, dispelling some of the false doctrines which influenced our modern translations, especially regarding Hell as a place of unquenchable fire.



The Spiritual World of the Dead 1

Posted Jul 9, 2017

R. Dennis Richards examines the numerous references in the Scriptures to where the dead go after death, including various terms that are used to describe the underworld such as “Hell,” “Sheol,” “Hades” and others. We have many misconceptions based on the history of this topic, the translators of our Bible and the influences from other cultures.

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Anointed, Called & Confused 2

Posted Jul 2, 2017

R. Paul Falk clarifies the term “anointed” and shows several of aspects that are always in common with everyone who has been anointed in the scriptures. He focuses on several examples including Saul, David, Samson and also Yeshua.



Anointed, Called & Confused! 1

Posted Jun 25, 2017

R. Paul Falk begins a series on the Spirit to distinguish the differences between the Scriptural terms used to describe different aspects of the Holy Spirit’s working in our lives and in the lives of those among us. In this first part, he looks at the two olive trees seen in Zecharia 4 which are described as representing two anointed witnesses.


Yeshua and the Afterlife

Posted Jun 18, 2017

R. Dennis Richards brings a fresh perspective on the afterlife, answering some tough questions like: Will we go to Heaven? Will we have physical bodies or will we only be spirits? What about Yeshua’s appearance after the resurrection? These and other questions are answered according to the Scriptures and the words of Yeshua himself.


Passover 10 – The Harvest

Posted Jun 11, 2017

R. Paul Falk presents the significance of the Torah being put into an ark as it relates to the Messiah’s charge to his disciples about going into the harvest. He also shows an interesting correlation between the tongue as a sword and the prophecy about swords being beat into plowshares.



Passover 9 – Shavuot – Choose Whom to Serve

Posted Jun 5, 2017

R. Paul Falk delivers a foundational message about our journey from Passover to Shavuot, in which we must learn how to choose the one true God in a world that has created so many idols. The bronze serpent was made into an idol, and then Moses was idolized, as well as even the Messiah himself. In this journey we must discover who our God really is and then choose to serve Him, and Him alone.


Glory on the Mount

Posted Jun 5, 2017

R. Dennis Richards presents an insightful explanation for the transfiguration in which Yeshua appeared to be shining like the sun while speaking with Moses and Elijah, from identifying the actual mountain on which this occurred, to explaining the meaning of this mysterious event.


Passover 8 – Bitter Water

Posted Jun 5, 2017

R. Paul Falk connects the Passover command to eat bitter herbs with the hard bondage in Egypt, the bitter waters at Marah, and the test for an adulterous wife to reveal a very interesting meaning of it all pertaining to what comes out of our mouths.



Passover 7 – Journey of Redemption

Posted May 28, 2017

R. Paul Falk expands on the concept of redeeming Israel from bondage in Egypt, showing that our redemption is more of a journey than a single event. He also highlights the cycles of 7s in Scripture with regard to freedom from slavery and total restoration.