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Why do some ARIEL members wear tassels?

The folks at ARIEL wear the tassels made of blue and white strings, in obedience to the commandment in Numbers 15:39. The tassels were made to serve as a reminder for YHVH’s people to always keep His commandments, and not to follow after our own heart to serve other gods. [/button] 

Why do you use Hebrew names?

We choose to use the original Hebraic names whenever possible. Names carry importance and deep meaning in Hebrew, especially when it relates to our Father and Creator. God’s name, when spelled out in Hebrew, is “YHVH” (Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay). We use the English pronunciation, “YehoVAH.” Oftentimes, we might use a shortened form of His name: Yah. The Greek Hellenized transliteration “Jesus” has no root meaning, so we prefer to use the name given to his parents by God: YehoSHUa, or YeSHUa, which literally means “Yah’s Salvation.” The name of Yah can also be found in many other names in the Bible: “Ye·sha’·YAH-hu” (Isaiah),  Yermi-YAH-hu (Jeremiah), Naten-YAH-hu (Nathan).

What about kosher? Didn't God make everything clean?

When Peter had a vision about the animals on the sheet, many took that example as “proof” that God removed the dietary regulations of Torah. This is not so. As is the case of many visions, this was not to be taken literally. Reading right after that passage, we can see that Peter didn’t assume it had to do with food. He understood it was figurative. He was separating himself from what he called unclean: the gentiles. This vision was a reprimand of sorts for his judgmental mindset. “Call no (thing/man) unclean, that I have made clean.”


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