Passover and Tsav

Posted on Apr 5, 2020

R. Paul Falk examines the different kinds of offerings in the Torah portion, Tsav, and shows a number of parallels to the expectation for us today to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice, following the example of Messiah.

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Mountains 7 – Mount HaSatan

Posted on Mar 28, 2020

R. Paul Falk ties similar passages together that show how haSatan, or the Adversary, was described as a mountain, with references from Genesis to the New Testament, including the temptation of Yeshua. A very interesting look at the difference between YHVH’s Holy Hill, and the mountains of others that are a big part of idolatry.

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Mountains 6 – The Tabernacle Moses Saw

Posted on Mar 22, 2020

R. Paul Falk starts with the Torah portion, VaYakel-Pekudei, and shows how the tabernacle that was shown Moses on the mountain may very well have been using the mountain itself like a 3D model of the tabernacle as YHVH designed it to be built. A fascinating correlation of insights.

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Mountains 5 – The Prophesied Kingdom

Posted on Mar 15, 2020

R. Paul Falk reveals the scriptures about the future kingdom of YHVH on earth that is prophesied from Genesis to the Revelation. Starting from the prophecy in Daniel about “the stone cut without hands,” he shows that several scriptures that have been erroneously attributed to Yeshua are actually referring to YHVH Himself.

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Mountains 4 – Providing Oil (Tetzaveh)

Posted on Mar 8, 2020

R. Paul Falk, starting with the Torah portion, Tetzaveh, shows that the people of Israel are to provide the oil for the lamp, and that the anointing oil, from the Hebrew word for “messiah,” is to be continually provided by us today for the members of the congregation to be shining as light to the world.

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Mountains 3 – Building on the Rock

Posted on Mar 1, 2020

R. Paul Falk continues the Mountains series by examining Matthew 7:24-25 about building a house on the rock or on the sand before strong destructive storms come against the house and leave it demolished or standing. Many of us hear the word, but there is a clear distinction between those of us who have built on either the rock or the sand.

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Mountains 2 – Faith Moving Them?

Posted on Feb 23, 2020

R. Paul Falk dissects the popular doctrine stating that with enough faith we can move mountains into the sea by showing the background behind this phrase from numerous scriptures before it was stated by Messiah. Context is everything as this groundbreaking study reveals.

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