Rabbi Paul Falk

Paul Falk,
Senior Messianic Rabbi

ARIEL is led by ordained Messianic Rabbis, Dennis Richards and Paul Falk.

Though both serve nearly full time meeting the constant needs of the congregation, both men also hold full-time jobs and do not depend on ARIEL for their livelihood.

Unlike most congregations today, this unique structure has tremendous significance. The leaders are free to teach as the Spirit leads without concern for popularity or the loss of their employment, and their sustenance is not a burden on the congregation.

Rabbi Dennis Richards

Dennis Richards, Messianic Rabbi Emeritus

As a result, one rarely—if ever—hears the speakers at ARIEL “asking for money” except in cases where a member of the congregation is in great need.

As a non-profit, 501-3(c) organization, the financial concerns of ARIEL are overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors appointed by the vote of the congregation. Other members of the congregation also serve as various ministry leaders on a voluntary basis.



Praise & Worship Band

Praise & Worship Band, Netzarim

(left to right) Patrick Shannon, Stephen Shannon, Chris Shannon. (In back: Ty Shannon, now relocated to Gainseville)

A live band, Netzerim, leads praise and worship on alternating weeks.