Sukkot 1st Day (2014)

Posted on Oct 13, 2014  by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  Sukkot. Probably the most astounding thing about Sukkot is what most people don’t realize.  If Christianity understood the importance of Sukkot it would become their biggest feast.  Because it was on Sukkot that Yeshua made some of the most astounding announcements of who he was.  And it was received by much of the people in Jerusalem.  The idea of Sukkot goes way back. And we are going to start off today.  You can’t understand the reason for this feast unless you understand what brought this feast about and how the times have changed from the three temples.  That the thing that kept the three temples together was the feast of Sukkot.  And that’s why it’d become a joyous feast.  So many wonderful thing happened on Sukkot.  If you ever wanted to a study you find that the Messiah was born, not in a manger, but in a Sukka.  At this time of the year when the shepherds were still out in the field.  And if they understood that they wouldn’t need all these other days that they made up to conform to scripture.  God already gave us the pattern, he already gave us the Moedim, the Holy Days.  So we are going to start out with what Isaiah thought about water… (continued in audio)