Rosh Kodesh truth

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

RP-10-11-2014 by Rabbi Paul Falk.   ….Theology is where you have a gap between what He told us to do and how to, when to.  And it didn’t say specific. So from there, we have to say, we’ll put a few pieces together, we’ll try and put a better picture together and then we can go and on that we’ll base an opinion and then we’re going to go ahead and do something.  Rosh Kodesh.  Rosh means head or beginning, start.  Rosh Kodesh literally means the new moon leading into Passover.  But every new month has a head or first day to it.  So lets’ look at the word Kodesh.  Defined in Strong’s as new, month or monthly.  Spoken of as the first day of the month.  It’s from Kodash meaning to renew, to be new or repair.  The moon goes through cycles where we see the light of it shining on us.  All the major feasts occur on full moons, except for of course Yom Teruah, the beginning of the month.  (continued in audio)