Psalm 91

Posted on Aug 30, 2014

083014sd By Rabbi Dennis Richards.   When you build a foundation if it is built on the word of God it is going to be firm. If is built on religions and theologies, I guarantee you someday it will shake.

Religions have a way of keep evolving to fit into the world structures. God’s word does not mean to be fitting into the world structures . It is actually against the structures of the world. And that’s why they need to eliminate him. And they eliminate God through religion. Each religion makes up it’s own concept of who God is. What to call him how to call him. How to approach Him. Bring your first born and sacrifice your first born. That’s how the Mayans would do it.

Everybody has a different way of approaching God, but if you believe that His Word is based on the Torah and then based on the Messiah who came to show us what the Torah meant to live, then you need to keep evolving. And you’re here today because that’s the position God placed you in.

Today we are going to look at one of my favorite psalms psalm 91, but you need to understand the setting.

And to do that first we have to go into the life of the Messiah. And we go into Matthew Chapter 3. This is the beginning of Yeshua’s public ministry. He’s been around now for some 30 years. And people saw some of the signs and wonders, but not like they are going to start to see.  And the first thing he does is he prepares himself by going into the mikvah. And from here again we have this mishmash called baptism, and everybody does it their own way. You think there was a special prayer that Yeshua said when He was going into the water?  John, first of all his baptism was about repentance, Is there any repentance that Yeshua had to do? No, his baptism wasn’t one of repentance, his baptism was one of change of status, and in the Jewish mind, anytime you go from an unclean to a clean position, you go into the waters of a mikvah. It is not a one time thing.

And here we see Yeshua going in…(continued on audio)