John 1:1

Posted on Oct 19, 2014

101814 SP By Rabbi Dennis Richards.    I have a difficult time when somebody comes to me and says I’ve read through the whole bible this year. We can hardly get through the Torah portion [in a year]. Because the idea is to read with comprehension, not just to read so you can say you read. Because, The only way you are going to learn about God is through His word. Not what somebody else tells you about Him, but through His word. And as you sit there reading His scriptures in English or Spanish, if you are not study his word, You have to understand the if you are not studying the word, you are not going to grow. You are not going to move too far. You are going to be stuck in a place, and words keep us stuck, you are going to have to challenge the words when we come to difficult parts of scripture. We can’t just skip over them. That’s why we have so much controversy, when people start talking about the bible, and they are so dogmatic in certain ways, they look at it, they’ve heard the same story every year. If your belief system does not line up with the Word of God then your belief system has to change. (continued on audio)