John 3:16

Posted on Aug 24, 2014

Track 2 By Rabbi Paul Falk.   So before we get into teaching today I want to clarify my announcement regarding the high days.  Traditionally Yom Teruah is considered a new year. Biblically it is not, it is the first day of the seventh month.  It is a season of being made new again, so if we take the idea of a renewed covenant it is a renewing time, but not  a new year.  So what I want to touch on today is John 3:16.    John 3:16 is one of the most popular verses that people throw out there in the world.  Sadly enough we throw it out, in places hoping it is going to make changes just because we see that.   It sort of makes me wonder in some regard, that in some cases here is God’s Holy word that we’re just throwing out there to just… in certain scenarios may his word is holier than that,  and shouldn’t be used that way.  But also John 3:16 by most believers is taken out of context.  You see, most theologians have come to John 3:16 and they go and read it and they pull it out by itself.  You don’t hear 17 or 18, you don’t hear 19.  You don’t realize that the Gospel of John, starts at John 1:1, to explain all of it.  Nor are they going to take you back to say, you know this verse actually is built on all these verses in Torah, no, no, we pull the whole verse out, and we read it as it is and we make meaning with no connection.  That is not how we need to read scripture.  Scripture and truth is always validified by more scripture.  At least two more times and specifically when we look a Messiah.  So when we look at John 3:16 today, …

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