Jealousy Part 3

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

RPF Jealousy Part 3 Rabbi Paul Falk.  There are so many scriptures that I had to cut off today, if you get a chance go back to the scriptures that talk about the strongman in the house that is divided, it completely connects into what we are going to talk about today. Who knew that such an emotion like jealousy would play such a major role in the Kingdom and is used so much by Yahweh. To review, some previous lessons for us on which to focus. First of all, Yahweh is a jealous Elohim, and he wants to be our only Elohim. Period. He is not about us mixing Him with someone else, or His ways and the world’s ways, No. He is giving everything He has completely for you, He wants the same back. Satan was the one who taught us to be like him. The him that was in the garden to aspire to be like Elohim knowing good and evil. And his point was to actually rise up and become our own Elohim. Knowing good and evil going, “I can say, this is good and this is bad.” How many times have we heard today about specifically faith? Well faith and belief haven’t changed over the years, they haven’t progressed. Then we’re like in the 21st century, they expect that truth evolves. No… Truth is Truth because it is the same, No, we evolve to the Truth. Truth should not change if it is Truth. It deals with pride and rebellion and that leads to the fall. We see that in Genesis. (continued on audio)