Isaiah 62 – Should God Repent?

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

Track 1 By Rabbi Dennis Richards.   We have such a merciful God that even with the creation of man, he already set a process in place for Teshuva. As quickly as Adam fell in the Garden, God’s plan was revealed to us.  And if you go through every single book from Genesis to Revelation you are going to find out that the theme is always going to be Teshuva. Repentance. Repentance is the whole key to understanding who God is. Repentance is something that is not done once in a while. It’s like working out your salvation daily. No Repentance, No salvation. It’s really that simple. I want to look at the Haf Torah section for today. It comes to us through Isaiah and we’ll go to 62. Maybe. Listen to what’s happening here. This is a unique situation in the bible. There’s something happening. “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain still, till her righteousness shines like a light, till her salvation shines like a flaming torch.” There is much speculation that goes on in the theological circles as to who the “I” is that is interceding to Yahweh. So, We know that They are interceding to Yahweh on behalf of, Jerusalem or Zion they are synonymous, and the people of Yahweh who made Teshuva who made repentance. The role of an intercessor starts again, right in the beginning and goes through. Some people regard the speaker in this chapter as Yahweh. Others will say it is Isaiah himself who is speaking or a prophetic utterance. And finally there is the servant. And I believe that if you follow the pattern that is going through you will find out it is the servant that is speaking. And the reason I believe [that] is because the close connection which precedes this chapter points to the servant. Okay, And also, it appears that the intercessor here is somebody who God has chosen to take on the role of an intercessor. The role of an intercessor is not an easy one. There are many people who call themselves an intercessor. Also on the second half of Isaiah’s prophecies they might be called the book of the servant of Yahweh. This is where we find out all of a particular servant. And it’s synonymous with many other servants. In Isaiah it appears that one majestic figure stands out with ever growing clearness. . [You] gotta watch that servant because in Judaism they believed in two Messiahs. One is called the suffering servant. Messiach Ben Joseph… (continued in audio)