Isaiah 40

Posted on Aug 2, 2014

Track 1by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  If you listen carefully, to what people say you can find out where they are coming from especially when it comes to the scriptures.  People say a lot of things that they don’t understand.  For instance, why do people have such a hard time reconciling the God of the Torah, and God of Yeshua.  Somehow they think they are two different Gods.  Like the God of the Old Testament is mean and cruel, but the God of the New Testament is love.  Yeshua repeatedly pointed to the Torah and the prophets and validated them literally. He never distanced himself in any respect, so His focus of teaching was everything that came from the Torah the writings and the prophets.  Right after his immersion in the Jordan He is getting ready now to start His three and a half (3 1/2) year ministry, He is led the Ruach, the Spirit to be tested by the adversary.  The reason He is going into the wilderness is the sole purpose of being tested. … (continued on audio)