Erev Yom Teruah

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 By RDR   ..and it’s to teach you about the moedim, this particular moedim because there is such a confusion, this moedim has so many names to it, and it’s usually known as Rosh Hashana, but that’s not the name that God gave it.  In fact he doesn’t give us a reason for this Holy Day even.  He just says you must hear the sound of the shofar,  He doesn’t tell us why.  He just says pay attention, because the sound of the shofar is throughout, the sound of the shofar is going to herald in the King.  So he wants you to hear so you can be familiar with the sound.  You might be in the middle of shopping and you hear this strange sound coming from the sky and if you never heard the shofar call you don’t know what it is.  So He wants you to hear it.  This is where we get the feast of Yom Teruah.  Yahweh spoke to Moses saying, “Speak to the Sons of Israel saying in the 7th month, on the 1st day of the month, you shall have a rest.  A reminder by blowing of trumpets, a reminder, a Holy Convocation.  You shall not do any laborious work, but you shall present an offering by fire to Yahweh.”  Today, is the first day of the 7th month, and the beginning of the moedim.  It is a Holy day that has long been  shrouded in mystery, and even it’s name, Rosh Hashana, which literally means the head of the year.  Rosh Hashana, incorrectly is commonly known as the Jewish New Year.  And it might before the Jewish people today, their New Year.  But in no way should we mistakenly take it for Yahweh’s New Year.  Traditions of men… (continued in audio)