YHVH’s Will

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

By Rabbi Paul Falk.  071214sp  There is only problem with going off to vacation, for me, because I get off to vacation and it gives more study time.  we’re driving some where and I go, Hon, you got a piece of paper, I need you to write this verse down, and this verse down and this verse and she did, and that’s basically the teaching.  I don’t have control over when He is going to reveal something to me.  There’s a good chance that what we are going...

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But You Have Heard It Said

Posted on Jul 6, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  The Messiah made statements that were intended to clarify the commandments, yet the present day believeing world interprets them as replacing the original covenant.  Some misinterpretations of words used in the translation also contributes to these misunderstandings.

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The Gift of Solomon

Posted on Jun 22, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  If the spirit of God visited you today and promised you to give you any one thing that you asked. What would you ask for? Remember it would be for your lifetime.  Luxury, riches, long life?  What happened to Solomon when he asked for Wisdom.  David’s son Solomon was given this very opportunity when he took to the throne.  God appeared to Solomon and asked what he would like to be given.  Solomon responded, “You have dealt with my...

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YHVH & His Word

Posted on Jun 14, 2014

by Rabbi Paul Falk.  Yahweh and his word.  Most of Christianity only goes by Matthew to Revelation.  How can Yeshua be a part of God, Yahweh, but not be Yahweh.  How can that be?  This teaching is not literally on Yeshua.  It is on the Word.  Invariably we have to go to John verses 1 thru 5.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with Elohim.  All things were made through him.  Without him nothing was made...

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The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven

Posted on Jun 8, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.   Yeshua taught his followers to love all people, make peace, forgive and serve others. He told them that the spirit of God would guide them into the Truth and brotherhood of mankind.  When you hear someone say Yeshua lives inside of me, they are not following his teachings.   His teaching said, I can longer be with you, so I am going to ask to the Father to send you another one to comfort you, and that would be the spirit of God.   The message...

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From Shavuot to Pentecost

Posted on Jun 4, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  The supplanting of Gods feast of Shavuot by mainstream Christianity, and reasons for that error, including the intentional change of date by changing the date from which it is counted.

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