The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven

Posted on Jun 8, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.   Yeshua taught his followers to love all people, make peace, forgive and serve others. He told them that the spirit of God would guide them into the Truth and brotherhood of mankind.  When you hear someone say Yeshua lives inside of me, they are not following his teachings.   His teaching said, I can longer be with you, so I am going to ask to the Father to send you another one to comfort you, and that would be the spirit of God.   The message that they were to preach was one of Teshuvah.  To turn around from where you were going and come back to where you were.  That was the messasge of Yeshua “I have come that you may know the Father.”   Here we see in Acts 3, Peter, the one who would deny The Messiah three times, all of a sudden he is filled with the spirit of God.  So what is the first thing he does, he runs off to the temple for the ninth hour of prayer.  He heals the lame man.  That would catch the attention of the people.  They are all there because it is just after Shavuot.  Peter gives his second sermon, he preaches Yeshua, but in order to do that he takes them straight back to Moses.  Acts 3: 17-22, “…and now brethren I know that you acted in ignorance just as your rulers did also, but the things which God announced beforehand by the mouth of all the prophets , that His Messiah would suffer, he [meaning YHVH] has thus fulfilled, therefore repent and return so that your sins may be wiped away in order that the times of refreshing may come from the presence of YHVH, and that he might send Yeshua the Messiah anointed to you, whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of his Holy prophets from the ancient times.”  Moses said “YHVH Elohim shall raise up for you a prophet like me from your own bretheren. To him you shall give heed to everytihing he says to you”.  Peter is telling the people that Yeshua is that prophet about whom Moses prophesied.  The message is repent and return.  Where were they return to?  Back to the Torah.  Back to their Father’s promises, back to all they were hearing the years before… The Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven by RDR Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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From Shavuot to Pentecost

Posted on Jun 4, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  The supplanting of Gods feast of Shavuot by mainstream Christianity, and reasons for that error, including the intentional change of date by changing the date from which it is counted. From Shavuot to Pentecost by RDR Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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Fallen Shepherds

Posted on Jun 1, 2014

by Rabbi Paul Falk.  Comparison of the second chances given in the scriptures to the leaders who fail but continue to try to serve, and today’s society, where more often, restoration is not the case.  How that contrasts with YHVH’s responses shown in scripture. Fallen Shepherds by RPF 053114 Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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Counting the Omer

Posted on May 25, 2014

by Rabbi Paul Falk.  Why are we commanded to count the Omer?  Seven (7) weeks of days (Shabbats) completed, and then the day after, for a total of fifty days.  Lev 23:17 you shall bring from dwellings two (2) wave loafs.   Deuteronomy 16:9-10, you shall count 7 weeks for yourself, from the time you shall put the sickle to the grain.  You shall give an offering as Yahweh blessed you.  Deuteronomy 16:11-12 .   You shall rejoice before Yahweh your Elohim, you,  your son, your daughter, your male servant your female servant , the Levite who is in your gates, the stranger, the fatherless, the widow, shall worship and praise Yahweh, and you shall remember you were a slave in Egypt, you shall be careful to observe the statutes. Key points to consider:   Count after first fruits.  First fruits in the midst of unleavened bread the first thing to come up was barley.  You would cut it (the first of the barley), and offer it to Yahweh.  (You could not eat leavened bread again until after first fruits is offered.)  New grain offering is going to be baked with leavening. Connections:  to this season of counting is the Sabbath year and the year of Jubilee. (Lev. 25:2-3)  Speak to the children of Israel and say “When you come into the land, then the land shall keep a Shabbat to Yahweh.  Six years you shall sew your field, and six years your shall prune your vineyard and gather your fruit.  But in the seventh (7th) year, there shall be a Shabbat of solemn rest for the land.  A Shabbat to Yahweh.  You shall neither sew your field nor prune your vineyard.  What grows of its own accord of your harvest you shall not reap nor gather the grapes of the undressed vine; for it is a year of rest unto the land.”  (listen for more…) Counting the Omer by RPF 052414 Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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What Did Yeshua Teach?

Posted on May 18, 2014

by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  The “rest” believing world would like us to believe that Yeshua taught a new covenant or set of rules further to the old rules from Moses on Mt. Sinai.  Instead the reality is he taught the same thing, and there are scriptural that demonstrate. What Did Yeshua Teach? by RDR Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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Posted on May 10, 2014

by RPF.   Discipleship is more involved than evangelism.  It requires becoming a part of the lives of the disciples; a commitment to help and guide. Moses early beginning being placed among the reeds in an ark (of reeds, with pitch) , can remind of Noah being saved from the sea.  Moses through God, delivering his people from oppression, and leading them to where he would be on the mountain with God and teach what God had given him. Moses by RPF Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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