The Ant

Posted on Aug 17, 2014

081614sdBy Rabbi Dennis Richards.  Question: If God gave you a command or admonition that was so simple that you didn’t have to do anything except read four (4) or five (5) words, and it will tell you exactly where you should be, would you listen to the admonition?  Remember, most of us don’t like to listen to the word of God and only eat[meet] once a week, so we are spiritually undernourished.  We wait until we go and hear a sermon or a teaching from somebody and that is supposed to last us from Shabbat to Shabbat or from Sunday to Sunday whatever the day might be.  And after we leave, well “good message, ”  Sometimes we’ll remember a word or two about it.  But we are not like the Boreans, you don’t go home and look for yourself. … You are actually theological clones in most cases.  You just take what you heard and that becomes part of your theology. God is not about theology.  He is about showing us how to live.  This is the reason he sent the Messiah to us.  To show us how to live. It wasn’t something that was too hard.  It was extremely simple, except what we do is we then take the words and we don’t teach what the Messiah taught be we teach about the Messiah not what he taught us. …

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