Abraham’s Faith

Posted on Nov 2, 2014

110114sd by Rabbi Dennis Richards.  How many of you have heard the expression time flies? Do you realize that two weeks ago we started Genesis chapter 1.  Two thousand (2000) years later, we are now on Genesis Chapter 11. If we read those 2000 years in ten minutes we missed a lot. They are there for a reason and we can’t just read through it without going back and looking at what is God trying to say to us. Why is it so important that we first understand Genesis before we can understand the Messiah. And again, what we have to understand is that as you look through Genesis the first 11 Chapters, you are going to see that the requirement for salvation has always been the same. Faith… without Faith there is no salvation. The object of one’s Faith for salvation has always been that God will bring salvation. There is nothing that we really have to do except have the Faith to believe, that even while we are still sinners, that God will make plans for us, if we believe in His word.