Abraham’s Children The Sons of Elohim

Posted on Nov 9, 2014

110814sp  by Rabbi Paul Falk.       I’ve said this I don’t know how many times, you open something in scripture, and it comes out in….It’s like striking the rock and the well coming out. A lot of times we sing Mayim, mayim, mayim. You can imagine if you are not singing in Hebrew, you’re going, water, water, water, water. Right?. And you can sit back and go, and I know, in sign language it’s like, [gestures] water, water, water, water, But the meaning is what’s significant. I want to you imagine that you live out in the wilderness and water is a major sign and miracle of life. And you’re sitting there and you walk in the middle of it and there’s a rock and someone strikes it , and you just keep going water, water, water, water. That’s the point of that song is that this well of water is coming up, and we just keep watching it going by going where int the world did all this water come from? The scriptures are the same. When we open them, sometimes they come out with such force, it backs you up a second, pushing with such force, you sit back and go “Oh my goodness”, and you know that it’s like I’ve been going through all, this is uh, No. 1, No. 2, No.3. Well, Today’s teaching stems off of last week, and I already have one for the next time, and maybe the time after, on all this content going back to covenant and circumcision. So, I have it titled: “Children of Abraham, the Sons of Elohim.” Now, I want to review from last week, because anyone who was not here doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but I want to review also for those who were here, So we talked about this last week, the idea of covenant, it goes to breath. It’s defined as a covenenant a pledge, an agreement, a treaty, an alliance, to be in league with one another. It comes from a base word or a root word meaning, barach, and it means to cut, to cut out, to cut off, to eat, to consume, to choose. (continued in audio)