Pinechas (Numbers 25:10-30:1)

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

by Patrick Shannon  071214tpat  Our Torah portion this week is Pinechas. you might see it spelled Pinchas or Phineas. in our English translations, but its basically numbers 25 through 29.  and depending on your translation the last verse might be 30 verse 1.  The Torah portion covers several general topics.  Five (5) actually.  One (1) regarding Pinchas or Phineas, and Midyan, Yahwehs judgement of them favorable for Phineas and not so favorable for Midyan, Numbers 26 the entire chapter is a census of this new generation. Where we are is Israel is now a whole new generation from the ones who left Egypt for the most part, and they are camped– if this is Israel my left arm held up which is not Israel yet, the nation of Israel which has wandered around the wilderness has coming in around the right side of that about to cross the Jordan and they are on a plain called the plains of Moab, or Shittim, and it is actually a lowland part before you cross the river with mount Peor sort of behind them which they just came through.  Numbers 27 talks about the daughters of selafad, and its basically the tribe of Manassa, their father was killed, and they approached the elders- they approached Moshe, and they asked just because our dad died and he had no sons, shouldn’t we the daughters inherit the land.  Moses checked in with Yahweh and so the answer “yes” rubber stamped, Manassa a tribe.  Also in that chapter the second half of it, Yehoshua, the actual Hebrew name of Joshua, the star of the book of Joshua, is the succeed Moshe.  Yahweh says to him, you are not going in to the promised land, I am going to let you go up and look at it, but you are not going in.  Moshe renamed Joshua, Yehoshua which happens to be the same name as our Messiah, Yehoshua, Salvation of Yah.  Before that it was Joshua (Hosea)

Numbers 28 and 29, two whole chapters listing all the offerings and the appointed times which we are to keep.

We are going to zoom in on the part of Phineas or Pinchas.  It’s going to come back to one basic thing. What an example this guy was.  I’m going to read the entire chapter…