Terumah – His Provision, His Plan and His Priesthood

Posted on Feb 14, 2016

Patrick Shannon presents a pattern found in the commands to build the tabernacle that is exemplified by the items in the ark, and in numerous examples throughout the scriptures, from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of The Revelation. This pattern of His Provision, His Plan and His Priesthood provides practical meaning and applications for us today. You can also click here for a PDF of the slide presentation with which you can follow...

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Mishpatim – Yeshua 10(7)

Posted on Feb 7, 2016

In this Torah portion and 7th installation of the Yeshua series, R. Paul Falk explains specifically how Yeshua is the promised “prophet like Moses” and shows how Moses’ disciples, Aaron and Hur were examples of us, today, and our responsibilities as disciples of the Messiah.

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Yitro – Yeshua 10(6)

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

In this Torah portion and continuation of the Yeshua series, R. Paul Falk takes a humorous look at Moses going up and down Mount Sinai which leads to the discovery of how and where YHVH makes his name dwell and how He bridges the gap to come down and be among us.

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Be-Shalach – Trees, Water, Rock

Posted on Jan 24, 2016

Rick Ortiz gives an overview of this Torah portion and highlights a few observations which promote deep thinking about the bitter waters of Marah that were made sweet by a tree, and the water which flowed from a rock in Horeb. Trees, water and rock are metaphors for other things in the Scriptures.

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Bo ~ Yeshua 10(4)

Posted on Jan 17, 2016

In this torah portion about the Passover lamb, R. Paul Falk shows the profound connections between the ancient Passover feast which is to be observed forever, and the Messiah, starting from Yeshua’s command In Luke 22, “Do this in remembrance of Me.” These parallels about “the Lamb of God” are fundamental to understanding the sacrifice of the Messiah.

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Va’era – Other Gods

Posted on Jan 10, 2016

In this Torah portion, Pharaoh’s magicians were able to do some of the same miraculous signs that Moses and Aaron did. Were these just tricks or illusions? Or are there really other divine powers besides our God? Patrick Shannon examines the topic of other divine powers mentioned throughout the Scriptures and shows how some of us today are serving some we do not even know are gods! You may also wish to download PDF of slides to follow along.

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