Metsora – A Certain Disease

Posted on Apr 17, 2016

In this Torah portion, R. Paul Falk shows us from the meaning of the Hebrew word for leprosy that this ancient infection is actually a metaphor for a very dangerous, spreading heart disease with which any of us could be infected.  

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Tazria – Clean and Unclean

Posted on Apr 10, 2016

Patrick Shannon focuses on Leviticus 12 which is about childbirth to answer several questions about why reproduction causes us to be unclean. You can also download the Powerpoint slide show to follow along HERE.  

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Shemini – Let There Be Light 5

Posted on Apr 4, 2016

R. Paul Falk shows how the Torah portion regarding clean and unclean meats relates to Peter’s vision on the roof regarding how we are to show the light of Torah to the people of the nations.  

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Let There Be Light 4

Posted on Mar 27, 2016

R. Paul Falk presents the parable of the talents entrusted to three different stewards and shows how the one who hid the single talent is likened to other examples of hiding throughout the scriptures, including light that is hidden under a bushel. A glimpse into the actual meaning of several parables for those who have ears to hear, and a somber exhortation for how we hear.

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Vayikra – The Sacrifices

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

Rick Ortiz outlines the various sacrifices in this week’s Torah portion with some interesting correlations with the offerings of Cain and Abel in Genesis.  

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Pekudei – The 7 Doors

Posted on Mar 13, 2016

Patrick Shannon demonstrates a pattern of doors, or levels of access, described in the structure of the Tabernacle, and then shows the corresponding levels in the body of Messiah. Download PowerPoint presentation to follow along with images.

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