Va-Yetzay – Wrestling with YHVH 1

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

R. Paul Falk likens the battle that was raging inside Rebecca (pregnant with Jacob and Esau) to the battle that rages inside every one of us, as well as how Jacob’s wrestling match with the Messenger of YHVH relates to a deeper meaning for the term “born again.”

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Tares 5 – On This Rock

Posted on Nov 15, 2015

R. Paul Falk continues the series based on the parable about wheat and tares, explaining the correct Scriptural meaning of Matthew 16:17-18 in which Yeshua charges Simon/Peter with “loosing and binding on earth,” gives him the “keys to the kingdom” and declares “On this rock I will build my congregation.” An eye-opening correction to thousands of years of misunderstanding!  

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Searching for God… In All the Wrong Places

Posted on Nov 11, 2015

R. Dennis Richards presents an insightful view of how YHVH commands us to search for Him, and how all of the things in our every day lives—such as the “conveniences” of technology—continually keep us from finding Him.  

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Tares 4

Posted on Nov 1, 2015

R. Paul Falk continues the series on the parable of the wheat and tares, with further discussion about spiritual blindness, leaders who say they can see, and the often-misunderstood meaning of partial blindness.  

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Lech Lecha – Tares 3 – Blindness

Posted on Oct 25, 2015

Being spiritually blinded to the Word can happen to any of us at certain times. R. Paul Falk explains the many connected passages in the Scriptures and reveals the main point of Yeshua’s comments regarding blindness, how it occurs, and how our eyes are opened again to the truth of the Word.  

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Like the Days of Noah

Posted on Oct 18, 2015

R. Dennis Richards quotes Yeshua’s statement, “The coming of the son of man will be like the days of Noah” and draws correlations between the “sons of God” in Genesis 6 who modified the DNA of man to make the Nephilim and other similarities between the time before the flood and what is happening in our world today.

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