Run the Race 2 – Va-Yigash

Posted on Jan 11, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues the Run the Race series based on Hebrews 12:1 showing how God changes each of us through the example in the Torah portion of Jacob dividing his house into two before meeting Esau, and how he uses the long-term effects of Jacob’s dislocated hip for a bigger plan.  

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Run the Race 1

Posted on Jan 1, 2017

R. Paul Falk presents an insightful beginning of a series in which he answers several key questions: What does it mean to run the race? What is the PACE? Is there a BAD example of running? Can we run too fast?      

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Only Begotten Son 4? – Sons of God

Posted on Dec 26, 2016

R. Paul Falk concludes the series with a look at the other “sons of God” in Scripture, the angels, with a fascinating study of when and why they were created, the Nephilim, the Dragon, and how all of this applies to us and our purpose for eternity.    

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Train Up a Child

Posted on Dec 18, 2016

R. Dennis Richards shares some valuable advice for the raising of children, starting from scriptural commands to both parents and children and highlighting Proverbs 22:6 which reads: Train up a child in the way they should go. He talks about “sticky faith,” free will, and best friends forever.    

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Only Begotten Son? 3

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

R. Paul Falk continues the series on “the only begotten son” primarily using the book of John and makes a strong Scriptural case against a certain widespread belief about the Messiah. He concludes with certain passages that help us understand the meaning of being “one” with the Father.  

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Repairers of the Breach

Posted on Dec 4, 2016

R. Dennis Richards gives a practical and very insightful message about what it means to shine as a light among our families and friends during the holiday season. As passionate truth-seekers, we want everyone to know what we’ve found, but we often miss the best way to be “rebuilders of the ancient ruins” and “repairers of the breach.”

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