Posted on Jan 29, 2015

012415t ricky by Rick Ortiz   It encompasses Exodus 10: 1-13,16

We get the title from the first line of the passage, and it says:  God Said to Moses “Go to Pharaoh”.  We find that in many of the (unintelligible) times when God was performing these signs, he said to Moses “Go to Pharaoh”.  This is a summary of this passage the, intent of which is to get you to go look yourself.  God has hardened the heart of Pharaoh, so that he would not let God’s people go.  The entire story was to serve as a sign for the children of the coming generations to remember what happened to Egypt.  Moses warns Pharaoh about the locusts.  Moses goes and talks to Pharaoh, and tells him what is going to happen if Pharaoh does not let the people go and worship Yahweh.   So in chapter 11, a summary again of chapter 10.  It is not all encompassing, there are a lot of details in there. God explains to Moses that after this next and last plague, Pharaoh will let you go.  This is the plague of the death of the first born….(continued in audio)