el Potter 4 – Ladrillos vs Piedra

Publicado el Ene 12, 2020

R. Paul Falk continues the Potter series with a look at how so many of the commands written on stone were added to or replaced by man-made bricks of doctrine that have completely led entire movements astray from the original truth. Many of these bricks are simply doctrines out of context, and are often still quoted today.

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el Potter 3

Publicado el Ene 6, 2020

R. Paul Falk adds to the Potter series with a strong exhortation on how easy it can be to step over the line into idolatry, even today.

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el Potter 2 – Jánuca, los Macabeos

Publicado en diciembre 28, 2019

In this back and forth comparison, R. Paul Falk shows the similarities between the promises in the Torah and the series of events that occurred with the Macabbean revolt from which we get the celebration of Hanukkah.

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el Potter 1

Publicado en diciembre 21, 2019

R. Paul Falk starts a new series on The Potter in scripture, particularly starting with Jeremiah 18:1-2 in which the prophet was commanded to go and observe a potter to hear the Word of God. A most insightful teaching on how the Creator operates with us, Israel, and individuals as clay that easily become deformed.

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Hijos de Abraham 11 – Venganza en Midyán

Publicado en diciembre 14, 2019

R. Paul Falk shows how the incident at Baal Peor in which the Israelites became defiled was the original idea of Balak, king of Moab, but Moab was not punished for this. Midyan was. ¿Por qué?

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Hijos de Abraham 10 – La conversación Samaritano

Publicado en diciembre 8, 2019

R. Paul Falk expone en la cual incluso en las preguntas Yeshua Mujeres en el pozo en Juan 4, exponiendo las diferencias entre los samaritanos y los Judios, especialmente como se representa mediante pasajes en el Tanakh (Antiguo Testamento). Una enseñanza muy educativo acerca de ser una fuente de agua en nuestra palabra de Padre.

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