Re-eh (Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17)

Posted on Aug 19, 2012

8.18.2012 Rabbi Paul Falk examines the characteristics of a False Prophet/Messiah in the Torah portion and then compares Aaron’s fall to us today.

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Ekev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25)

Posted on Aug 12, 2012

7.11.2012 Rabbi Paul Falk continues to examine YHVH’s tests in the Scriptures. This time he examines the temptation of Messiah in light of the Torah Portion.

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Mattot / Massai (Numbers 30:1 – 36:13)

Posted on Jul 22, 2012

7.21.2012 Patrick Shannon highlights YHWH’s emphasis on the starting points, or “new beginnings,” listed in Numbers 33. Patrick touches on new moons, and draws parallels between the events leading up to Israel’s crossing into the promised land, and how our Elohim uses “new beginnings” in our lives continually.

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Pinchas (Numbers 25:10 – 30:1)

Posted on Jul 15, 2012

7.7.2012 Torah Portion: Pinchas Ricky reveals some of the key characteristics of Pinchas (Phineas) and his act of spearing his brother with his Midyanite date.

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