Matot/Masei – Death of the High Priest

Posted on Jul 19, 2015

Patrick Shannon shows how the death of the high priest in ancient Israel foreshadowed our freedom through Yeshua’s death, as well as what it means to live “in Him” and without sin!  

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Pinechas & Calling Disciples

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

In the Torah portion entitled Pinechas, Patrick Shannon shows how Mosheh called and appointed Yehoshua (Joshua) in the same pattern used by Messiah with his disciples…and with us who claim to be his disciples in today’s harvest.  

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Balak – Why YHVH Sought to Kill Balaam

Posted on Jul 5, 2015

Why could Balaam’s donkey see the messenger of YHVH though Balaam could not? And why did YHVH seek to kill Balaam even though He told him to go? R. Paul Falk reveals the fascinating answers found in what Balaam DIDN’T say. This holds a strong message for every one of us about speaking the Word, concluding with an amazing perspective about “the Word made flesh.”  

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“Chukkot” & The Sight of Our Eyes – Part 2

Posted on Jun 28, 2015

Combined with the Torah portion, Chukkot, R. Paul Falk continues the series on Sight, revealing YHVH’s desire and what He uses our eyes for, illustrated by how He used to rod of Aaron in different stages of what He was teaching Israel.  

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Korach and the Rod of Aaaron

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

In this Torah portion entitled “Korach” (Numbers 16-18), Rick Ortiz highlights who YHVH Himself endorsed to head up the priesthood with some interesting insights into the budding rod of Aaron which He chose as the sign to do so. Rick’s accompanying Powerpoint presentation can also be downloaded HERE to follow along with the slides.

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Shalack – 40 Years

Posted on Jun 14, 2015

For the Torah Portion, Shalack, consisting of Numbers 13 through 15, Patrick Shannon looks at the details of why YHVH cursed the first generation out of Egypt to more 40 years in the desert before entering the Promised Land, and the important lessons this holds for us today.  

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Beha’alotcha – The Lamp of the Body

Posted on Jun 7, 2015

From how the lampstand was to be placed in the tabernacle, to how Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses, R. Paul Falk derives a key life lesson about how the eye is the lamp of the body as explained by Yeshua in Matthew 6:21-23.  

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