Shoftim – Judgment, Leaders & Land

Posted on Aug 27, 2017

Rick Ortiz outlines the twenty areas of laws established in the Torah portion, Shoftim, highlighting three areas: finality of verdicts, specific laws for kings, and what made Israel different from the nations around them. After clicking Play below, you can also click here for the slides.

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Anointed, Called & Confused! 7 (Re-eh)

Posted on Aug 20, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues on the Holy Spirit with this insightful teaching on “strange fire,” or the form of worship brought by Nadab and Abihu that was not commanded. He presents the deeper meanings of fire as seen throughout the scriptures which shine additional light on how we could actually be bringing strange fire in our worship today. After clicking Play to start the recording below, click here to follow along with the slides.  

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Our Inheritance – Part 2 (Ekev)

Posted on Aug 13, 2017

Patrick Shannon concludes the teaching on Our Inheritance showing exactly what we are promised to inherit, WHO will (and will not) inherit it, and what we have TO DO, as heirs of the Creator. After clicking the Play button, you may click here to view the slide show and follow along with the teaching.

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Anointed, Called and Confused 5 (Va-Etchannan)

Posted on Aug 5, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues the series on the Holy Spirit with this Torah portion, focusing on what it means to “blaspheme the Spirit” referred to as “the unforgivable sin” in Matthew 12:31-32. Apparently, this is not a new concept but one that has roots in several passages in the Torah.  

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Anointed, Called and Confused 4 (Devarim)

Posted on Jul 30, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues this eye-opening series on the Holy Spirit, starting from the first Torah portion in the book of Deuteronomy (Devarim), and examining exactly what it means to be born in the Spirit, as well the primary purpose that the Holy Spirit has in our lives.    

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Mattot/Masei – Our Inheritance 1

Posted on Jul 23, 2017

Patrick Shannon presents a number of references to inheritances in the Scriptures which form a fascinating picture of what we as the children of the King are promised to receive, both in the future of this age as well as in the afterlife. Part 1 of a 2-part study.  

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