Posted on Feb 6, 2011

2.5.2011 Rabbi Dennis Richards Rabbi looks into who was given dominion over the Earth.

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Who’s Your Head?

Posted on Jan 31, 2011

1.29.2011 Rabbi Paul Falk Rabbi examines the scriptures in regard to the spiritual war that is going on. He then compares that to King David and Messiah.

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How Do We Profane The Name?

Posted on Jan 24, 2011

1.22.2011 Rabbi Dennis Richards Rabbi examines the concept of profaning the name of Elohim and its implications on change for each person.

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Elohim’s Site Plan

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

1.15.2011 Rabbi Dennis Richards Rabbi delves into the Torah for the site plan and plans for construction of the Tabernacle.

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Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

Posted on Jan 11, 2011

1.8.2011 Rabbi Dennis Richards Rabbi examines the healing at the pool and how Messiah used the healing to introduce himself to the religious leadership and to teach about the importance of observing Elohim’s teaching.

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