The Power of the Psalms Over Depression

Posted on May 5, 2015

Rabbi Dennis Richards explains how the Psalms are Hebrew poetry that teach us how to pray and show even the emotions of David, particularly highlighting how to rise from depression with Psalm 61.

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The Door & Gates – Part II

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

Rabbi Paul Falk draws amazing correlations between numerous mentions of “the Door” in Scripture and how they all relay the same vital message in light of judgment.  

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Counting the Omer

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

Rabbi Dennis explains numerous aspects of “counting the Omer”—numbering the 50 days from the week after Passover to Pentecost, from Bikharim to Shavuot.

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The Door & Gates – Part I

Posted on Apr 12, 2015

Rabbi Paul shows some very exciting parallels of the inner meaning of “The Door” in scripture, and how numerous mentions of it all align quite miraculously with one particular feast…  

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