The Mixed-Up Message of Salvation

Posted on Dec 3, 2017

R. Dennis Richards diffuses some misconceptions about salvation that neither the teachings of the Messiah nor the history of the scriptures support. Beginning with the fundamentals of Christianity and then addressing the tenet, “there is salvation in no one else,” he shows how the truth has been twisted to go completely against the scriptures. After clicking the Play button below, click here to view the slides.

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The Vineyard 7 – The Fig Tree and the Vine

Posted on Nov 26, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues to decipher Yeshua’s parable of the vineyard (Matthew 21), presenting the metaphors of the fig tree and the vine. With references in the Torah as well as the prophets, we can understand how these metaphors are given to be signs for us, not only in Yeshua’s time but also in future, end-time prophecies.

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The Heart of Rebecca

Posted on Nov 18, 2017

R. Dennis Richards makes practical observations about the character and the heart of Rebecca as seen through Genesis 24 in which Abraham’s servant is sent to find a wife for Isaac. Several small hints and clues reveal that Rebecca had a heart like Abraham’s, an example for each of us today.  

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The Vineyard 6 – New and Old Wineskins

Posted on Nov 12, 2017

In this sixth installation of the Vineyard series, R. Paul Falk explains the meaning of the parable about the new and old wineskins in Luke 5:37-38 which may be totally different from what is usually taught, simply by looking at the context of the passage, and the question that the Messiah was addressing. After clicking the PLAY button below, click here to follow along with the slides.  

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Who is Melchizadek?

Posted on Nov 4, 2017

R. Dennis Richards investigates the answer to the question, “Who is Melchizadek?” by showing the only three places this name is found in the Scriptures. He also looks at other sources about this king and priest that met with Abraham and ponders the significance of this ancient figure with the eternal prophecies about the Messiah. After clicking PLAY below, click here to follow along with the slides.  

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The Vineyard 5

Posted on Oct 15, 2017

R. Paul Falk continues expounding on Messiah’s parable of the vineyard with a focus on the winepress which was dug in it. The winepress, wine and the cup are seen throughout the Scriptures and represent rich spiritual meanings regarding covenants and judgment, especially for the vine keepers. After clicking “Play” below, click here to view the slides.

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